ASI is a full member of , the global membership organisation for credible sustainability standards.  ASI strives to continuously improve its systems and approaches in line with ISEAL’s three Codes of Good Practice for Standards Setting, Assurance and Impacts.

In its announcement of ASI’s full membership in December 2019, the ISEAL Board recognised ASI’s commitment to developing effective and in line with ISEAL’s requirements and acknowledged the value and insights that ASI has brought through its ongoing and active participation in the ISEAL community.

As a ‘‘ at ISEAL, ASI is now able to make claims of  compliance that have been agreed by ISEAL and is eligible to participate in ISEAL governance in line with rights attained on transition to full membership.

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To date, ISEAL has developed three Codes of Good Practice through international multi -stakeholder consultations. These are:

  • Standard-Setting Code: ISEAL Code of Good Practice for Seting Social and Environmental Standards
  • Impacts Code: ISEAL Code of Good Practice for Assessing the Impacts of Social and Environmental Standards
  • Assurance Code: ISEAL Code of Good Practice for Assuring Compliance with Social and Environmental Standards

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